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~ "As a healthcare professional with expertise in nutrition, I was hesitant to seek the services of a personal trainer.  After a back injury that required surgery, my rehab was slow and I had significant atrophy of my right leg. This had occurred over a period of time where I tried a variety of alternate therapies to avoid surgery. When I saw Terri I was having difficulty walking, my gait was unsteady and my right leg was quite weak.  I could barely touch my calf due to pain and sitting was excruciating.  After 3 months of training, with emphasis on the injured leg, I am now able to work-out 4 times per week.  My leg has improved as well as my confidence in my body and ability to exercise and I have gone from using daily pain medication to none at all.  Throughout our training sessions, Terri protected my back and taught me how to build core strength for continued improvements. She is professional, punctual and knows her stuff!  I wish I had met her prior to my back surgery –maybe could’ve avoided that! We’ll never know but at least I am well on the road to recovery and I recommend Terri to anyone who is seeking strengthening, injury rehab, weight loss and overall conditioning. Thanks Terri!" ~ Karen - Stuart, FLA

~ "We would like to thank and recommend Terri as a personal fitness trainer. Initially we were skeptical but the results my wife is showing are near miraculous (She has Parkinson's disease). The combined training and dietary changes have improved her mental and physical condition immensely. We have now put her walker and wheelchair in the garage since she no longer needs their assistance at this time. Terri's knowledge, ability and positive attitude make training enjoyable and her Number One. ~Thank You so Very Much !" ~ Annette and Chris Willett-  Vitalia Residents- PSL

~ "As an amateur ballroom dancer, swimmer and golfer, I know how important flexibility and core strength is to each of these activities. With Terri’s sessions......... though they are tough and demanding, I know that I am making great progress in developing core strength and flexibility. She is the best for sure!"
Dr. Alan Levin, M.D.- Ameripath


~ "When we first contacted Terri, it was with the idea of learning how to use the equipment in the weight room.  Well, that certainly changed - for the better!  Terri took the time to find out our goals, and then steered us in the right direction to work towards them. We both have some physical limitations - husband had back surgery, and I a hip replacement. Terri worked with us and we both have improved our overall physical condition immeasurably. We are working on the right things now - cardio, posture, core strength, flexibility. We are doing exercises now that we never thought we’d be doing - especially the cardio. We are both re-shaping our bodies and images of ourselves. Terri has been so helpful and encouraging. Without her expertise to guide us, we probably would have given up on our fitness goals long ago! She is an expert in her field, very professional, supportive, and just a wonderful person to work with. "~ Melinda & John Linderman- PSL


~ "For the past few years, my back/sciatic nerve problem has become increasingly more painful to the extent that I had to sleep in the recliner and could not walk too far without chronic pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and took the prescribed physical therapy to no avail. My wife took a stretch class with Terri and learned of her education as a certified fitness trainer/therapist and I reluctantly met and had a private assessment with her. After the 2nd session I started to walk straighter and felt less pain, was sleeping in my bed and through the night. I am improving my posture and strengthening my core. After 8 sessions I'm feeling 80% better and getting closer to my goals of riding my bike and walking every day. Terri stepped into my life where the doctors couldn't help". ~ Norm Abramowitz – Vitalia at Tradition, PSL

~ "Terri Cousins has been an immense help in tackling the pain and discomfort that was ruling my life for several months.  Her instinctive ability to discover the true source of the problem was only the beginning of her talents.  With targeted massage, stretching and the use of exercises specific to my individual needs, I have recovered and am now able to sleep well and move well.  It is really amazing!  I am so thankful to have found her."~ Marcia Buck - Vitalia at Tradition 


~ "I had sciatic pain from a bulging disc. In the past year I've had 2 MRI's, 4 spinal injections, acupuncture, and saw 3 different doctors. There were times my leg muscles would lock up and my toes go numb. I heard about Terri from a neighbor and saw her progress. Working with Terri has given me amazing pain relief without drugs. She has helped me more in 5 sessions than all the procedures put together. For the first time in two years I woke up without pain. She has also taught me that I must stretch everyday to stay well & gave me the skills to do so. ~ Natalie Novotny- Vitlaia - PSL

~ " I started my healthy eating 5 months ago today. This morning my scale read 137. I started Jan. 2nd at 165.5. That's a 28.5 pound loss. I am starting to be able to wear some of my clothes that I bought one and 1/2 years ago. I am really pumped!!! Terri never seems to "watch the clock". My favorite part of my training sessions is having someone to answer my questions, give me personal attention and care about me as a person. Working with Terri is having a private personal trainer, a shrink, and friend all in one!" 
~ Lesley - Port Saint Lucie, FL

~ "In early Feb 2015 I signed up for two group classes at Vitalia. One was Yoga and the other a basic stretch, I was readily accepted by the instructor Terri Cousins and the other 20 plus participants.   I was very out of shape and depressed by the loss of my wife (48 years). In a short time I felt invigorated and began to make progress.  My HOA then cancelled all the group classes I was participating in. Fortunately for me I was also signed up for private one on one training with her. Terri spent several hours discussing my medical situation and the goals I had for myself, She evaluated me and designed twice weekly work outs. For three months we worked 2 hrs a week and she encouraged me to walk daily and use the gym for more intense cardio. She created an environment in which I was able to see my own progress, As I am a snow bird, she also created aides to help me continue working up north. I am well on my way to rebuilding a healthy independent life style. My core is stronger and back pain is gone."
~Art Leonardo-PSL Snow Bird


  ~ "I am a 66 year old male with chronic lower back pains. I am also a race walker and I train about 25 to 30 miles a week. My race walking hip action did not help my lower back pain and other parts of my body.

 I heard Terri talk about strengthening lower back muscles to alleviate chronic pain and I was right away paying close attention. I set up training sessions with her and I soon find out that in order to get to C, I have to do A then B and then C. She taught me to strengthen my back, abs and lower legs muscles over the space of 5 hour long sessions. While doing some of the routines, in my mind I was wondering how they were going to help my back. After daily doing these routines my lower back is much better and because I am strengthening my core, my race walking is better. I recommend Terri Cousins for personal training without any reservations. She has shown me how I can, if I do the routines daily, reduce my lower back pain and improve my race walking times. While the work is hard, the benefits can make my senior years a lot better to handle."
Celso – Vitalia Resident- PSL


 ~ "Terri Cousins has been my personal trainer for 3 years.  I am  62 years of age.  I have never had a weight problem, but started my sessions with Terri because I had lower back pain felt stiff and wanted to become more flexible and get my body in better condition. She has helped me in many ways. I have improved my posture,  my body strength,  I have less back pain, and more flexibility.  My golf game has improved because I am more flexible. My upper and lower body have become stronger. When I experience leg pain or muscle pulls Terri has helped me reduce the pain with massage therapy and stretching methods which has improved my everyday movements. I would recommend Terri to anyone who wants to improve their strength and flexibility to feel better everyday." ~ Candi Surber - PGA Resident PSL.


~ "As soon as I learned I was pregnant, I immediately started searching for a prenatal yoga class.  I had a few DVDs that I tried @ home, but I could not stay motivated to do them. I have scoliosis and have always had a lot of back pain and yoga is the one thing that has always worked for me. I found Terri @ TLC Fitness and immediately knew I found the right place!  Besides sleep, yoga was the one thing I really looked forward to during my pregnancy. Not only did it keep any back pain at bay but it did wonders for any anxiety about the delivery and ‘Mommyhood’. The other pregnant Moms in the class were so supportive and I learned more from them and Terri than I could have ever learned in all of the many books and online articles I read.  I have met some amazing ladies and have made lasting friendships with many of them and look forward to our babies growing up together and sharing all of the milestones.  As a working, older mother (37) I have really come to rely on those friendships and advice from Terri and the other Moms! I now have a handsome, fun, HAPPY baby and my husband and I are absolutely convinced that TLC Fitness had a lot to do with all of that! Yoga, swimming and walking kept me fit during my pregnancy (I am NOT a ‘gym rat’).  Within 12 weeks after giving birth I was back in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and back to the same weight.  I do not work out, I eat healthy, swim and try to do yoga when I can!  Pregnancy is such a wonderful time and the yoga classes really enabled the special Mommy-baby bonding time.  I never felt healthier!" 
~ Kristin & Bradley- Port Saint Lucie, Florida

~ "When I started with Terri I had shooting pain at times down my leg and general pain in my low back and hip. Terri took a rehab approach to my workout. She worked with my chiropractor (that she recommended and was so helpful) and understood what kind of activities were good for my back during a time when it was rehabilitating. During my sessions she pushed me in areas where I could handle it yet was always mindful of my low back issues. She gave overall great advice on nutrition, home exercises, referrals, and was always on time and very professional. She was not just a trainer she was a true support system. She did her best to keep me accountable with my food choices and weekly exercise regimen. She emotionally picked me up when I got discouraged or frustrated when my rehab wasn’t going fast enough. By the end of our training together I was starting to be able to do things I hadn't in the past, was working out 4-5 times a week and although I would have occasional pain in my low back and hip it was markedly decreased and all the pain down my leg had completely stopped. I can't say enough times how much I appreciate where Terri has gotten me. I am on the road to achieving my goal of Fit at Forty! She is a great trainer, motivator, and wonderful, positive person. Thank you!!" 
~ Jill L.~ Ft. Pierce, FL

~ "I have been doing the Fit Mama Yoga class for about 5 months, and I just started the water aerobics class. By attending these classes, I have less back pain, I have keep my weight on track, and I have more energy. Terri Cousins is a well educated instructor, and she has so much information to share about pregnancy. I also enjoy the social aspect of meeting women who I can relate to. Overall my pregnancy has been wonderful and claming thanks to the yoga and aerobic classes."~ Holly P. ~ PSL, FL

~ "I am an overweight, female couch potato, 59 years old. My right knee had become an instrument of torture, a 10 on the pain scale, and I was ready for surgery. Terri encouraged me to consult with my physician on trying fitness therapy before trying surgery. He said yes. Keeping my appointment for injections into my knee prior to surgery, I began to work with Terri.  After only TWO sessions specifically designed to stretch & strengthen my quadricpes, hamstrings and hips, I cancelled the doctors visit!  This was 2.5 years ago! I am currently "un-operated on", and still meet with Terri twice a week. I can't adequately express my gratitude for her professionalism & expertise." ~
Charlene, Jensen Beach FL.

~ "The Prenatal Yoga class I attended with Terri has been a life saver helping to ease all those pregnancy aches and pains that no one warns you about!  The small size classes and personal attention you receive is second to none. Terri is an absolute delight and provides great insight, tips and tricks for the new mama-to-be.  I have learned more to prepare me for my upcoming delivery and bringing home my new baby from Terri than I did from taking a formal child-birthing class.   I look forward to continuing with her classes after the birth of my child as well. Thanks!" ~ Lara. PSL FL

~ "During my pregnancy I experienced terrible leg cramps that would keep me up at night. After $100.00 and a 5 hour wait in the ER, I still had no relief. After one session with Terri, where she was able to stretch & massage my legs and do specific strengthening exercises, I had no more pain! I worked with her my entire pregnancy and always felt so energized when I left. I have had a great pregnancy and attribute it to the training sessions. If I was not moving out of state, I would continue the training. I wish I could take her with me......that's how good she is!" - Jenn, Stuart, FL

~ "I have always been an active person who loves to exercise, especially running and lifting weights. When I found out I was pregnant I was determined to keep up with my exercise and active life style. My midwife suggested I try prenatal yoga. I was hesitant at first because I am not very flexible and had not previously taken part in any yoga classes. I decided to call Terri at TLC Fitness. I began the prenatal yoga class when I was 10 weeks pregnant and continued until 2 days before the birth of my daughter. Throughout my pregnancy, I looked forward to yoga class where I could talk with Terri and the other women. The classes kept me flexible and taught me stretches that would best benefit the pregnant body while preventing the common aches and pains brought about by pregnancy. She also helped me to relax by using this time to shut out the outside world and bond with my growing baby. Now, I am 12 weeks postnatal, and I still use some of the yoga poses I learned to stretch my body after a long day with my daughter. I can honestly say that the TLC Fitness prenatal yoga class had a tremendous impact on my body and mind, which allowed me to enjoy and embrace my entire pregnancy." ~ Tara Conley, Port St. Lucie, FL

~"I started taking yoga and exercise classes with Terri in my fifth month of pregnancy.  I was just starting to feel some of the aches and pains (especially back pain!) that many people assume have to be a part of pregnancy.  I was amazed when after only a few weeks much of my back pain was alleviated and I was feeling GREAT!  I only have a few weeks left to go in my pregnancy and I honestly couldn't feel better.  Not only that but I feel strong and confident in my upcoming labor because Terri has guided me in stretching an strengthening my body in all the right ways to prepare me for childbirth. Not to mention the fact that I was able to bring my 14 month old son with me to the classes!
The classes that Terri offers are a must for expecting moms wanting to look and feel their best throughout their pregnancy and after!" ~ Jen C.- Port Saint Lucie, FL

~ "I have to admit, I was skeptical about hiring a trainer. I now have more energy, I sleep better, and it helps my stress. I am feeling stronger and better about myself. I am grateful for Terri's understanding and patience. ~ Shelia, Port Saint Lucie, FL


~  "I have two sons, ages 4 and 3 months. With my eldest son, I gained about 70 pounds and only lost 20 of it after he was born. I had always heard you couldn't work out while pregnant. I've still not lost the other 50 pounds. I didn't know about TLC Fitness then but I do now! With my pregnancy for my youngest son, I attended yoga regularly twice a week, and the mommy & me fitness class once a week as often as I could. I gained about 40 pounds this time and I've already lost 30 pounds. I had a c-section with each delivery and my recovery time was drastically different each time. With my first c-section, I was in excrutiating pain for about 4 weeks following the procedure. It hurt to laugh, it hurt to cry, it hurt to sneeze. But with my second c-section I was only in pain for about 5 days. By the 6th day I had my leg hiked up on the bathroom counter and was shaving my legs. It was how I'd hoped to feel the first time around. I was naive to think I could lose the baby weight on my own the first time around. If it weren't for TLC Fitness, I hate to think what my body would look like today. "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough for getting my body back on the track to my pre-baby days." 
~ Adell, Deegan & Zander- Port Saint Lucie, FL

~ "My name is Sharon and when I was 28 weeks pregnant with my daughter Maddison I approached my OBGYN regarding prenatal yoga classes as I had begun to feel some of  the discomforts of pregnancy.  I was advised to contact TLC fitness. I have to say that I am glad that I did. I started TLC’s Prenatal Yoga classes at 30 weeks and continued to take them until my daughter was born.  I found the yoga classes to be extremely helpful with regards to dealing with the aches and pains of late pregnancy.  As a matter of fact I found the yoga breathing to be more helpful to me than the breathing taught in the birthing classes.  I had a c-section and was up and moving around doing light housework and so on within 2 weeks of giving birth.  I don’t believe that this would have been possible if not for the yoga exercises that helped to strengthen my body. I was so pleased with the results that when Maddi was 4 Months old I decided to join the Fit Mama and Me Fitness class. It too has been excellent. I have been able to tighten up some problem areas and am very close to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Being able to share this experience with my little one has been awesome. It has helped me to bond with her on a level that very few moms are able to enjoy with their babies. Maddi’s little face just lights up as soon as we get to class and she sees the other moms and babies. I believe that the fitness class has been an excellent environment for socializing her.  In both classes I have found the opportunity to interact with other moms who are going through the same thing to be invaluable. Having Terri there as a guide has been helpful in that she’s able to advise on various topics based on personal experience (as she is a mom of two) and based on professional experience (as she is a certified physical fitness instructor).  Overall I would highly recommend TLC Fitness for any pre or post natal mom." ~ Sharon & Maddi - Port Saint Lucie, FL

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